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The Pocket Fairies of Middleburg

Orig.: $9.95
Sale: $7.00

The Long-Promised Song

It's a book for your friends, and for your enemies who should be friends, and all the others in between.  (Softcover, 125 pages with 56 charcoal illustrustions)


MOONCALF (Signed by the author)

A soft cover, novella length, illustrated story (167 pages) about the little girls we used to be and children who find a way  to follow their hearts. It's set in the mid 1960's in rural Central Florida. 


BEYOND the STRANDLINE (Signed by the Author)

Seventeen-year-old Tessla and her teenage sisters, Ally and ZeeZee, live by one rule: don’t venture beyond the perimeter of the family ranch. Years ago, solar flares burned the power grid to ashes, plunging the country into mayhem and instability, but as long as the girls stay behind the line of their grandfather’s property, they remain protected from savagery.